As an auditor and tax consultant, we have set ourselves the goal of supporting our clients in all aspects of taxation and business management in the company and private sectors. We help you make the right decision and only pay as much tax as is legally necessary. Together with you, we create solutions that last forever.

tax advice

In addition to the preparation of tax declarations and the tax assessment, the area of the tax declaration also includes the provision of advice and information on the fulfillment of the tax obligations.
Tax returns for individuals and individuals
Steuererklärungen von natürlichen Personen und Einzelunternehmen

  • Operational tax declarations (turnover tax, income tax, VAT)
  • Corporate succession advice, inheritance and gift tax
  • Tax advice for associations and foundations

Start up & New Economy

For economic consulting, we include all activities which go beyond the preparation of the tax documents and the annual financial statements.

Advising on business start-ups, transformations, restructuring:

  • Business start-up adviceg
  • Creation of company planning
  • Preparation of budgeted accounts, liquidity and profitability projections
  • Financing advice and monitoring of bank talks
  • Company rating

Associations and foundations

On the basis of our tax and business knowledge, we take on further activities, taking into account the professional restrictions that we have to observe.

  • Management in charitable foundations
  • Advisory and Supervisory Board activities
  • Consultancy in matters of company organization and company accounting
  • Asset management
  • Testament execution


Traders, freelancers, partnerships and corporations must draw up an ongoing accounting system and a yearly financial statement at the end of the year. This is presented to the financial authorities and the shareholders. We support you in the ongoing recording of business transactions and the preparation and disclosure of the balance sheet, the income statement and the notes.

      • Financial Accounting
      • Plant maintenance
      • Cost accounting
      • Business reports
      • Establishment of business ratios
      • Consultative participation in wage and salary accounting
      • Fibu online*

*This is understood to mean that the client itself records the documents and data on current accounting via an Internet access.