In the following, we have compiled a selection of helpful links made by the IHK Berlin for you. These links provide a first good overview of the respective subject area. Please note that a final assessment of your individual tax situation is only possible within the framework of a consultation. In addition to the shown links, we have a large number of further information sheets and information available for you on site. Please do not hesitate to contact us or arrange a consultation with us..

Checklist and power of attorney

Creation of the income tax return

The checklist gives an initial overview of possible expenses that can be deducted within the scope of the annual income tax return. Please note that a final assessment is only possible in the context of a consultation.


Representation in tax matters

The granting of a power of attorney is a condition that we can act for you before the financial administration. Among other things, it is the basis for the electronic transmission of the tax return in your name. Please print the form.



retention periods

for business documents

Traveling expenses

You can deduct these costs.

Open cash register

As of February 2017

Explanatory videos and leaflets for all taxpayers


Correctly settle costs for the domestic office.


Thus the private joint use is taxed

Achievements and. craftsman

This is how you collect a tax bonus

Explanatory videos and leaflets for companies


This information is required by law.

Entertainment expenses

Taxoffice recognizes business lunches.


Pay attention to these tax traps.